Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Manpower, Rationalization, Hospital Ward; Manpower Development; Hospital Human Resources

Objective : The objectives of the present study were; 1. To study the current deployment status of manpower (nursing, ward pharmacist, and IP operations) and assess whether the currently deployed manpower is adequate and optimally utilized 2. To assess if any redeployment and redistribution of responsibilities is needed

Background : Manpower is one of the most important resources utilized in an organization to achieve its objectives. A Hospital is a labour-intensive and capital- intensive organisation, in which healthcare professionals are available at a premium cost to the organisation. In hospitals, the manpower consumes about 30 – 40% of its annual budget. The difficulty of ensuring an adequate and appropriate distribution of health services, together with increasing financial pressures, are forcing many hospitals to consider methods for determining staffing levels in the health facilities . Cost effective care in any setting demands for careful adjustment of staffing levels and adequate skill mix to meet patients' care needs. Information about the amount of time staff spent on various activities is very important for administrators to estimate number of staff required. It also gives them with evidence to maximize productivity by evaluating the appropriateness of staff deployment and skill mix

Methodology : Cross Sectional study for three categories of staff (nurses, ward pharmacist and inpatient operations staff has been done with respect to their deployed number and workload. Sample size of 20 (10 nursing staff, 6 IP operations staff, and 4 ward pharmacist) were covered from inpatient area which includes general wards and critical areas. Data collection was done through non-participant observations by visiting wards and critical areas to observe directly the number of staff deployed and activities they are performing.

Recommendations : Some areas of the hospital were facing shortage of staff whereas some were having excess which can be redeployed to the areas having shortage. Also overlapping of the responsibilities was observed. Based on the study findings it is suggested that, for ward pharmacist, 1 staff is sufficient for both the wings as no indenting is done in night except for the new admission and STAT but the main responsibility is the return of the medicines for planned discharges. For nurses Shortage of 4 nurses(on the 4th floor) can be resolved if coordinators start taking allocation in the presence of team leader(as there are 5 coordinators on 4 floor) as there should be only 1 in-charge for overall supervision. For IP OPS, 2 GRE are there at the overlapping time of 12pm-4.00pm so there is no need of a separate floor coordinator, can have a combined coordinator for 4,5 and 6 floor.