Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Hospital Acquired Infection: Reporting of HAI; Aseptic Precautions

Objective : To improve the reporting of HAI, to analyze the reasons at different levels responsible for causing infections, to assess the infection control measures used by hospital, to reduce the incidence of HAI, to suggest new intervention to counter non-reporting of HAI cases.

Background : Health care associated infection is acknowledged as the most frequent adverse event in health care, but the global burden remains unknown because of the difficulty of gathering reliable data. The purpose of this study is to find out the level of knowledge and practice among health staff regarding aseptic precautions in order to prevent Hospital acquired infections and which are the Hospital acquired infection that were not managed as Hospital acquired infection and were unreported.

Methodology : Source of data for my study is primary and secondary source. Primary source of data is collected from while observing staff and secondary source is the active and passive files. The study type is analytical and the type of data is Quantitative. Sampling method was purposive. Study technique was observational according to prepared checklist. Analysis was done with the help of MS excel sheet.

Findings : Suspected cases of Hospital acquired infection for catheter associated urinary tract infection- 12, central line associated blood stream infection- 10, surgical site infection- 8, ventilator associated pneumonia- 20 out of 400 active and passive files. These were not ruled out whether they are HAI or due to disease condition. There is awareness regarding hand hygiene in the staff but they are not following in regular practice. The main reason for that might be absenteeism in training

Recommendations : It was seen that staff is completely aware about the infection control measures specially the hand hygiene but they lack in following the practice. This is due to lack of motivation, and overburdened staff which is due to less number of working staff as against required by the hospital. Hospital acquired infection are not being ruled out by healthcare providers. There must be a policy that every doctor must rule out case of HAI and it should be documented in patient’s file.