Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : OT Scheduling, DMAIC, Case delay, Cause and Effect Diagram, Pareto Analysis

Objective : • To observe the operation theatre time schedule and to find out whether it is performed in schedule time or not. • To identify the gap between scheduled time and actual time of surgeries, if any. • To identify the reasons for first case delays and all case delays. • To provide recommendations to improve the operation theatre scheduling by reducing the first case delays and all case delays.

Background : Scheduling of Operation theatre is an important factor contributing to the operation theatre efficiency. It involves determining the average length of common operations and fitting them into the calculated available operating time The scheduling of Operating Theatre plays an important role towards the patients’ satisfaction by minimizing his/her total waiting time before undergoing major or minor operations. Poor scheduling of Operating Theatre may cause preoperative delays.

Methodology : The study was carried out for the period of two months (March-April 2015) in Operation Theatre Complex of The Mission Hospital Durgapur. DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) –Six Sigma Methodology was used as tool to study the OT Scheduling. Purposive sampling method was used. The study was conducted during March-April 2015.

Findings : In the define phase, process mapping of OT Scheduling was done. In measure phase, specialty wise data was collected which includes cardiac cases, ortho cases and general cases and average time for start of the case, average time between patient wheel inside the Operation Theatre to completion of induction, average time between the induction and start of the procedure, average time between start of procedure to completion of procedure; and average time between completion of procedure to patient wheeled out of Operation Theatre were identified. In analysis phase, average first case delay for cardiac case was 52 minutes and average first case delay was19 minutes, for ortho case the average case delay was 48 minutes and ortho first case delay was 39 minutes, for general cases the average case delay was 40 minutes and general first case delay was 36 minutes. Fish bone diagram and Pareto Analysis were the tools which were used to identify the causes for the Operation Theatre Case delay. Operation theatre factors, patient factors, ward issues and other issues were contributing to Operation Theatre. In Improve phase, suggestions were given.

Recommendations : DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) –Six Sigma Methodology was useful for OT scheduling.