Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Out Patient Department; OPD; Turnaround time; Patient Satisfaction; OPD Services

Objective : The main objectives of the Out-patient department of a hospital should include the reduction of patients’ waiting time in the system, improvement on the services given, and better resource utilization. This study is carried out for Apex Hospitals, Jaipur where the outpatient department serves 300 patients daily. The objective of the study is to find the waiting time and find the factors responsible. The sample size of the study is 100 which include patients coming to the outpatient department of the hospital and the staff of the hospital. The analysis is done using Microsoft Excel and found that the patients at the central registration counter, OPD waiting area and Doctor consultation has to wait for long. Inspite of infrastructural constraints the waiting time can be reduced to the large extent for which suggestions are given in the study. Objectives of the Study : Fixing the objective is like identifying the star. The objective decides where we want to go, what we want to achieve and what is our goal or destination. 1. To identify the average time spent by the patient in the OPD. 2. If the waiting time is high, then identify the factors those are responsible for high waiting time in the OPD. 3. To recommend appropriate suggestions to optimize the waiting time in OPD.

Background : Outpatient service is the most important service provided by all the hospitals as it is the point of contact between a hospital and the community. It is an ambulatory care centre which provides to all members of a community the whole scope of services that are needed to keep them in good state of health directly or by referral to more qualified institutions. OPD in a hospital serves the facility for diagnosis and treatment of patients. Many patients gain their first impression of the hospital from the OPD. In other words, the first impression will have lasting effects. A well managed, neat and clean hospital with necessary information boards and proper directions generally provide good image. Successful and efficient management of OPD can lighten the burden on the patient wards. Nowadays OPD services of the majority of hospitals are having queuing and waiting time problem. Patients’ waiting time refers to the time from the registration of the patient for appointment with doctor till they enter the doctor’s chamber. Common problems to be encountered in OPD system are as follows: • Patients waiting time occur long at the front desk of the hospital. • Patients might be conveyed to wrong services • Large number of patients waiting to be served at the OPD will result in uncomfortable conditions such as congestion, noise, and poor ventilation • Number of patients admitted within a working day will cause overtime for doctors. Thus, the main objectives of the Out-patient department of a hospital should include the reduction of patients’ time in the system, important.

Methodology : Research design: - The research design will be used in this study on both ‘Descriptive’ and ‘exploratory’. Data collection methods: The data will be collected using both by primary data collection methods as well as secondary sources. Primary data: Most of the information will be gathered through primary sources. The methods that will be used to collect primary data are: • Questionnaire • Interview Secondary data: secondary data will be collected through: • Text Books • Magazines Journals • Website

  • Recommendations : Patients attending each hospital are responsible for spreading the good image of the hospital and therefore satisfaction of patients attending the hospital is equally important for hospital management. Various studies about outpatient service have elicited problems like overcrowding, delay in consultation, proper behaviour of the staff etc. The study reveals the average spend by the patients and also expresses their view towards the hospital and hospital’s services provided by the hospital and the total consumed on each activity. Study depicts that average no. of patients coming to OPD each day as walk-in is more in comparison to the appointment patients.

Scope of the study: OPD services are most important services provided by all the hospitals as it provides service to a large number of patients at a low cost. There is increasing concern to improve the quality of administration in the hospitals to meet the rising expectations of people. Apart from the quality of staff, equipments the main feelings and image carried by patients about hospital mainly depends on human aspect and the concern, sympathy and understanding shown by hospital staff. This study is mainly based on the reducing of waiting time of patients in the outpatient department at APEX HOSPITALS JAIPUR.