Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Child Death Review; Child Health; Child Mortality; Child Healthcare Delivery System

Objective : To find causes of Child Mortality in Narmada District of Gujarat from January to March 2016.

Background : Child Death Review (CDR) is a strategy to understand the geographical variation in causes of child deaths and thereby initiating child health interventions. This information can be used to adopt corrective measures and fill the gaps in community and facility level service delivery, information can be compared over a period of time and common factors identified and addressed through the national programme. Rationale: To identify major causes of child mortality which can be further used to improve quality of child health care delivery system.

Methodology : The following descriptive cross sectional study was conducted in Narmada district of Gujarat. The study duration was 3 months during which primary data was collected with the help of form no 5a (line list). Statistical Analysis Used: Interpretation of data was done by using excel and SPSS.

Findings : Ninety-Two Child Deaths occurred in Narmada District in the month of January to March 2016 out of all deaths 37(40%) male and 55(60%) are female child. Twenty-Seven (29%) of them are Still Births, 17 are Early Neonates (19%), 9 of them are Late Neonates (10%), 27(29%) are Infant Deaths and 12(13%) are Under Five Death. Major causes of mortality are Low Birth Weight (17), Pneumonia (11), and Prematurity (12). It was found that Sixty-One percent of them were unimmunized at the time of death. Fifty-Four percent children were having Low Birth Weight. Thirty-Nine (42%) died at home or during transit. In still birth the major causes for death were prematurity (8) and Low birth weight (8). In early neonate, the same reason Prematurity (3) come the major reason. In Late Neonate period (4) Low birth weight was found to be major cause. Sepsis and Pneumonia (3) are the major reason found in case of Infant deaths. In case of Under 5 deaths (6) Pneumonia is the major cause.

Recommendations : It was observed that the major causes of child mortality were found to be Low Birth weight, Pneumonia and Prematurity. The key finding of this study is that sixty-one percent of children were unimmunized at the time of death. Thus, preventive measures can be taken by providing regular checkups to children and maintaining timeliness of the vaccination schedule.