Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Financial perspective; Customer / Patient Perspective; Internal Business Process; Learning and Growth Perspective; Machine Utilization

Objective : To assess the overall existing performance of Radiology Department and to develop initiatives for achieving future competitive success Specific Objectives: ï‚· To study the work flow of the Radiology Department and its interdependence with Narayana Multispecialty hospital, Jaipur ï‚· To apply balance score card technique to measure performance of Radiology Department across four perspectives viz.  Financial  Customer  Internal Business process  Learning and growth ï‚· To identify the areas of improvement and develop recommendation in coordination with the organisation, for strengthening and improving the quality of the system. The study is descriptive and exploratory in nature. A comprehensive study has been conducted to measure the performance and perception across the four perspectives of balanced scorecard. The study is carried out in three months’ duration (February – April_2016).

Methodology : Quantitative data:  Self-administered questionnaire for patients  Questionnaire for employee perspective Qualitative data:  Informal interviews for Internal Business Perspective  Focused group discussion  Observation Study limitations:  Most of the information related to financial perspective was not available. So, return on investment cannot be calculated.  In customer perspective, portable investigations were not taken into sample size. As portable was done mostly for ICU patients and they were not in a position to respond.  Employee productivity calculation was not possible as the organisation did not provide the net profit amount of Radiology

Findings : ï‚· Comparing the total number of cases in February_2016 there was 7% increase in March & 21% increase in May. ï‚· Average machine utilization = 34% ï‚· 83.52 % was the overall customer satisfaction in the radiology department ï‚· TAT for X Ray -40 minutes, CT Scan-4 hours 30 minutes, MRI-4 hours and USG-2 hours 40 minutes ï‚· Process failure reasons were Reports / films not traceable or are missing: Long waiting time, Delay in procedure, Error in typing, Ineffective communication and Exchange of bills and reports. ï‚· Overall Employee Satisfaction is 74%

Recommendations : ï‚· Improve in LAN/ RIS connectivity ï‚· Broadening of soft skills for staff ï‚· Process Re-engineering ï‚· Implement reward systems ï‚· Change in method of Performance Appraisal (360 degree)