Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Hygiene; Sanitation; Cleanliness; KAYAKALP Program

Objective : To study the existing cleanliness and hygiene practices and identify the gaps as per KAYAKALP (MoHFW), GoI. To make the action plan regarding the same and fix the timeline to remove the non-compliance. To assess the impact of implementation of recommendations.

Background : Gap analysis is the initial step in the review of the available service delivery system. It is an efficient base to implement a modern management system. It can be measured against pre-set standard. It revels the areas of improvement in the existing service system. Sub District Hospital (SDH), Rajpura is a 100-bedded hospital. It is 1 out of the 9 hospitals being focused upon for the KAYAKALP program in the state of Punjab. A baseline assessment of the available facilities was carried out for each objective element of the KAYAKALP checklist and the gap analysis was done. Aim of the study was to firstly bring out the present situation and the gap areas, then on the basis of the findings make an action plan to fulfill those gaps. Then at the end of 3 months again self-assessment was done to see the impact of intervention in terms of average score.

Methodology : The study design was pre-test and post-test study. The data was collected from direct observation, staff interview, patient/relative interview and record review which was recorded in checklist of KAYAKALP for public health facilities in Civil Hospital Rajpura, Punjab. Further after assessing the gaps, second assessment was done after implementation of action plans.

Findings : Results of the above analysis suggested that initially the average score for the hospital came out to be 67.0% and then after the implementation of the action plan it was observed that the score increased to 79.0% at the end of 3 months.

Recommendations : Continues assessment and implementation of action plans is important for continues quality improvement as it shows in the study. Before the program scoring was 67% but after finding and closing the gaps scoring according to KAYAKALP checklist increased to 79%.