Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : EMR System; Clinical Services; Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Objective : The principle target of this study is to assess the clinical user’s recognition on the viability, productivity, challenges and training of consultants using Electronic Medical Records system in Narayana Health.

Background : Narayana Health along with ICT Health LLC has begun implementing electronic medical record framework for dealing with the consultation and treatment of OPD patients.

Methodology : This was an assessment study that utilized quantitative study strategy. Information was gathered from two deliberately chosen healing centres out of eight facilities utilizing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in OPD discussions. Quantitative information is investigated utilizing MS-Excel.

Findings : The study findings showed that 58% of users preferred using the EMR than paper based records and that overall, found it faster and easier to fill. There was also increase in user satisfaction and quality of care given to patients as reported by the respondents. However, there was also an increase in consultation and patient waiting time. 39% reported increase in consultation time while 53% reported increase in waiting time, is contrary to the benefits of an EMR system. This had to be investigated and a solution had to be reached. The study results also indicated that the training conducted to prepare potential users of EMR was not well structured as only 5 % of users saying they are fully prepared for use of EMR though the support given after the training was adequate.

Recommendations : It is clear from the study that users found the system more viable and productive. However, a better training regimen is required to overcome the increase in consultation and patient waiting time.