Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Blood Donation Rate; Contributing Factors; Incentives; Loyalty; Communication Medium; Retention.

Objective : The primary objective of the research is to explore the factors to boost blood donor rate. The objectives of the study are outlined below: ï‚· To identify the effective communication medium for creating blood donation awareness. ï‚· To determine the significant factors impacting on blood donor’s satisfaction ï‚· To investigate the perceptions and attitudes of existing blood donors on blood donation. ï‚· To determine the Factors Which Help in Retention of Blood Donors.

Background : Blood banks are laboratory centers that are responsible for the collection, processing and storage of blood for research and medical purposes. Blood transfusion is the process of receiving blood products into one’s circulation intravenously. In spite being a country with a population of 1.2 billion, India faces a blood shortage of 3 million units. The demand for blood and blood products continues to increase because of the rise in human life expectancy and improvements in medical technology have led to the requirement of large quantities of blood and blood products. The fragile balance between blood supply and demand have forced blood banks to constantly search for more efficient ways to recruit and retain blood donors.

Methodology : Type of study: Descriptive study Study Area: This study was carried in Jaipur where blood donation camps were organized by Monilek Hospital. Study Subjects: The targeted population of the study consisted of the citizens who aged between 18 years and 60 years and were eligible to donate safe blood. Sampling Procedure: The data for this study was collected from a volunteer’s donors through convenience sampling technique Sample Size: 92 Voluntary donors from the blood donation camp conducted in Jaipur by Monilek Hospital were undertaken for the study. Data collection: Donors of age 18 to 60 years were key respondents for this study. Primary data was collected through Structured closed ended questionnaire consisting of six sections. Tools used: Structured closed ended questionnaire consisting of six sections, divided into two parts.

Findings : The research has depicted that ‘Internet’ is the most effective communication medium for creating blood donation awareness. Better information about the blood donation events and its safety and giving certificates of recognition after blood donation are two important factors which increase the blood donation rate. Blood donors equally inform and encourage others to donate blood. Assurance of health safety after the blood donation is the most important criteria to enhance blood donor’s satisfaction. The research depicted that receiving electronic mails and short-message service to inform donors of the next blood donation event, increases the loyalty among blood donors. Humanitarian request by blood services associations helps in retention of blood donors.

Recommendations : The study has revealed that donors want certificate of recognition and they want to be more empowered with information pertaining to safety issues. Integrating blogs and communities where blood donors can post their comments and queries.