Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Consumption Analysis; Dialysis Department; Tertiary Hospital

Objective : To calculate overall departmental consumption in dialysis department. To find out Scope for improvement.

Background : Departmental consumption is calculation of overall resources that are utilized to run a department in any tertiary hospital. It is important to calculate if there is any over or underutilization of resources in order to have good revenues. It increases the revenue, decreases the holding stock, and therefore leads to proper utilizations of resources by a particular department. If each of the department performs well then it ultimately leads to an overall success of the hospital

Methodology : Time duration from 15th march to 15th April 2016. Prospective study Sample size- Dialysis department covered 432 patients

Findings : Overall departmental consumption was carried out from 15th march to 15 April, 2016. It included the overall consumption of human resources, electricity, water and material consumption which came out to be Rs. 923000, Rs. 203498, and Rs. 16500 respectively. Material consumption was calculated separately according to the 3 cases which came out to be Rs.893.47 for SLED, Rs.990.25 for acute and Rs.509.18 for regular.

Recommendations : Optimum utilization of manpower & machines should be done. Along with it, improving the efficiency of technical staff should be done by providing advanced training skills from time to time to handle the dialysis machines properly without any blood clot cases. Scheduling of cases which increases the number of dialysis cases per day. Minimum inventory based on number of dialysis per day. Preventive maintenance needs to be scheduled for the machines to minimize any discomfort to the patient or any machine failure. Power consumption should be controlled as much as possible. Metrereading for each dialysis has to be noted in a register. So, that misuse of material & machine is properly noted.