Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Feasibility Study; Mother and Child Hospital; Healthcare Delivery Systems

Objective : To do the feasibility study of mother and child hospital in NCR.

Background : The objective of the project undertaken as part of my internship was to gain an understanding of the technical and financial factors which determine the successful design of a hospital. The time period of the internship was 3 months. The assigned project was performing feasibility study of the mother and child hospital in NCR. The client owned land in the NCR area with easy accessibility from both the airport and metro stations. The client wanted to open a mother and child hospital. The report is based on assessing the demand and supply for the hospital. Exploring the statistics and market assessment is the backbone of the project. It focuses on projections of the project after 4-5 years. This project gives an insight about the models for the healthcare. The major areas focused while preparing the report for mother and child hospital is related to market analysis, estimates of how the population in the particular region will change over time, analysis of the demographic changes or other market forces and how they will influence payment for services, understanding of the regulatory environment in which the new facility is constructed/formed.

Methodology : The methodology adopted for this study is collecting data through secondary research from the journals, fact sheets and various publications related to health statistics and planning hospitals. The various health models are also reviewed and positioning strategies are also considered.

Findings : Delhi has a network of various healthcare formats ranging from quaternary care centres (AIIMS, Medanta, FMRI, IP Apollo, Max-Saket), major tertiary care centres (Fortis, Gangaram, Artemis) as well as multiple single specialty formats like mother and children, ophthalmology, dialysis, dental etc. which are of a fairly recent origin. The mother and child hospitals in NCR are only catering to the gynaecological problems and early neonatal problems like Fortis la femme, maternity homes. Delhi NCR does not have any private dedicated super specialty mother and children’s hospital dealing with this specialized care like paediatric cardiology, paediatric oncology, Paediatric gastroenterology etc. In Delhi NCR, the facilities are available in different hospitals, there is need of all the facilities under one roof with infrastructural design emphasis on children. The Women & Child space is largely dominated by multi-specialty hospitals, but increasingly people are preferring single specialty centres. The boutique birthing centres are able to command much higher pricing than the large multi-specialty hospitals. So, this project worked on the concept of providing exclusive care to mother, foetus, neonatal and children for their tertiary care needs.

Recommendations : The proposed mother and child hospital will be located in NCR region consisting of 160 beds with largest NICU & PICU beds (76). The positioning of the hospital will be providing high range of services under one roof. The hospital will be having good connectivity to the airport as well as metro stations. The services of the hospital are designed in order to provide continuum of care. The services are designed on the basis of demand value. The primary catchment areas for the project are Delhi. The secondary catchment areas are NCR, some parts of Haryana, Punjab. This project is based on premium pricing concept. The financial projection of this project shows that the breakeven point would be achieved by 2023 that is 4 years after commissioning.