Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Meta Review of Department; Patient Satisfaction

Objective : 1. To identify factors influencing current level of patient satisfaction. 2. To study existing levels of satisfaction among the patients. 3. Suggest recommendations for improvement.

Methodology : ï‚· Study Design- Descriptive Study ï‚· Sampling Procedure- Convenience Sampling Method. ï‚· Sample Size- 100 Patients ï‚· Study Area- Monilek Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur. ï‚· Study Period- Data Collection Period- March To April, 2016. ï‚· Data Collection Tool- Primary data was collected through a Questionnaire.

Findings : In this project, a study was done on determinants of patient satisfaction and Level of patient satisfaction and results were identified based on the tool used for survey that is close ended Questionnaire. Results of the above analysis suggested that majority of the patients rated hospital services as above satisfactory. But there are some departments or areas that need improvements, like: Patients were not satisfied with the waiting time to see doctor, Explanation of procedures,tests and treatment given by doctors or nurses, entertainment facilities in waiting area and so on. On the basis of these findings some recommendations were given to the organisation to improve the patient satisfaction level and to retain their customers.