Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Service Quality; Patient Satisfaction; Perception

Objective : 1. To Measure Consumer’s Perception of Service Quality in the Hospital. 2. To Measure Consumer’s Perception of Satisfaction Level in the Hospital. 3. To identify areas in which any improvements or alterations are needed in Service Quality to facilitate Higher Patient Satisfaction.

Background : In the competitive world of healthcare sector, success depends on providing a great quality service to patients. In terms of health care, service quality can be defined as a gap between patients’ expectations and perceptions (Woodside et al., 1989). Expectations are treated as what the patients think should be offered in the medical services, and perceptions can be considered as the evaluation of patients regarding specific medical service attributes relative to their expectations. In the service environment, customer satisfaction has been seen as a special form of customer attitude. Patient satisfaction is the judgment of perceived value and sustained response toward service related stimulus before, during or after the consumption of medical services by a patient. Patient satisfaction is concerned with the degree to which the expectations of a patient are fulfilled by the medical services. Moreover, patient satisfaction is a critical indicator for medical service industry. Healthcare industry in India, today, faces extremely competitive environment and this has raised awareness to the importance Service Quality and Patient’s Satisfaction. A study is conducted at Eternal Hospital to identify patients’ perception of service quality and patient satisfaction using Quality Dimensions which, upon implementation could lead to improvement in service quality at the required departments at Eternal Hospital and thus increased patient satisfaction.

Methodology : a) PLACE OF STUDY-Eternal Hospital. b) STUDY AREA- All the areas of IPD and OPD at Eternal Hospital c) SAMPLING METHOD- Purposive Sampling d) Sample Size – 300 Respondents (IPD and OPD) e) STUDY TOOLS: It has 30 Structured Questionnaire on a five point Likert scale out of this 22 forms the Servqual (on actual service performance by Parsuraman et al) f) STUDY TYPE: Cross-sectional Descriptive study g) STUDY RESPONDENT: Patients and their Attendants coming to the Eternal Hospital

Findings : The result of factor analysis revealed the total mean score of patients' expectation and perception was 4.1 and 3.80 respectively. The highest expectation and perception related to the tangibles dimension and the lowest expectation and perception related to the Reliability and Responsiveness dimension. Patient’s satisafaction level survey it was clear that strength of hospital are its doctor, cleanliness whose expectation level was higher than 80 % and weak areas are nurse communication, Food Services and Parking. Whose satisfaction level was below 50 %

Recommendations : The results showed that SERVQUAL is a valid, reliable, and flexible instrument to monitor and measure the quality of the services in private hospitals. Our findings clarified the importance of creating a strong relationship between patients and the hospital practitioners and the need for hospital staff to be responsive, reliable, and empathetic when dealing with patients.