Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Service Quality; Patient Satisfaction; Servqual Model; Kano Model; Quality Function Deployment

Objective : The objectives of the study are to identify the service attributes and their gaps in a Tertiary Care Hospital, to categorize the service attributes of the hospital, to prioritize patients’ requirement and action plans to close the service gaps.

Background : Patient oriented service is the core value of Healthcare business. Today Hospitals should not only provide medical care but also need to pay attention towards the issue of increasing patient satisfaction. This study measure service quality from the patients’ point of view and identify service performance that patients find unsatisfactory. In addition, categorizing these service attributes enables us to gain profound insight into the relationship between service performance and patient satisfaction. Quality function deployment can translate patient requirements (the gaps identified) into corresponding solutions, translate patients’ demands into design targets to satisfy them, basis for improvement planning and prioritization of action plans as per the patients’ voice. Therefore, the technique of integrating SERVQUAL, Kano and Quality function deployment enables us to gain broader insights into patient satisfaction and service quality improvement.

Methodology : This study was a Descriptive Analytical and a Cross sectional survey. A Close ended structured questionnaire was distributed and in-depth Interviews were performed among 420 inpatients in Sakra World Multi Specialty Hospital, Bangalore.

Findings : Seroquel model showed the negative Gap Scores for the Service Attributes, Food & beverages (-4.00), Delay in services (-3.99), Performance of bedside nurse call system in ward (-3.88), Cleanliness in the hospital (-3.7). All the service attributes were categorized under Kano category. QFD model showed Importance score of the service attributes and their relative ranking. Treatment explained to the patient very clearly is ranked first, followed by Performance of pest control in hospital, Availability and condition of the luxury facilities, Food & beverages, Delay in services. It also showed the importance score of HOW’s and their Relative Ranking. Vigorous monitoring is ranked first, followed by Training and Standardization in process.

Recommendations : Quality Function Deployment, Kano model and Servqual model provides a practical approach for hospitals to become more quality oriented. The power of the proposed model came from the detailed discussion with patients about their requirements and considerations of how the hospital can meet the patients’ requirements most effectively. Therefore, the managers should be able to think from patient’s point of view i.e. To listen to the voice of customer (VOC) in order to remain competitive in business, maintain long-term relationships with their customers and hence to grow.