Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Drug Inventory Control; ABC Classification; FSN Classification; VED Classification.

Objective : The objective of this research was to assess the current process of drug inventory control 2) to apply appropriate inventory control tools.

Methodology : A descriptive observational study design was used. The data on all drugs and consumables of central store and sub stores were taken from the system. ABC, VED and FSN analysis were used as study tools. The Study was carried out from 15th March - 30th April 2015

Findings : It was found out that the drugs were arranged as per alphabetical order and the reordering of the stocks was on random basis. There was no categorization of items as ABC, VED and FSN analysis.

Recommendations : The drugs were arranged as per ABC, VED and FSN as it leads to an organized form in which inventory can be controlled. To sustain the initiative, it is important to supervise the system in monthly BRM meetings to keep a regular check on the stock status.