Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : KAYAKALP Program; Healthcare Delivery System; Gap Analysis

Objective : To compare the standards given for each objective of KAYAKALP checklist and assess the existing service delivery system of the hospital. To make an action plan for bridging the gap areas based on prioritization. To see the impact of the intervention through the action plan.

Background : Sub District Hospital (SDH), Kharar is a 50-bedded hospital. It is 1 out of the 9 hospitals being focused upon for the KAYAKALP program in the state of Punjab. A baseline assessment of the available facilities was carried out for each objective element of the KAYAKALP checklist and the gap analysis was done. Aim of the study was to firstly bring out the present situation and the gap areas, then on the basis of the findings make an action plan to fulfil those gaps.

Methodology : Study Type Descriptive Cross Sectional Study Data Collection Primary Data: KAYAKALP tool kit is used and assessment is done by direct observation. The scoring pattern used is:- 2 = Compliance 1 = Partial Compliance 0 = Non Compliance Secondary Data: Hospital Documents Review and Clinical Record Review, Research Articles.

Findings : Initially present situation and gap areas were identified based on KAYAKALP checklist and average score was calculated. On the basis of these findings an action plan was developed for 3months in order to fulfil those gaps. Then at the end of 3months again self-assessment was done to see the impact of intervention in terms of average score. Results of the above analysis suggested that initially the percentage for the hospital came out to be 63.2% and then after the implementation of the action plan it was observed that the score increased to 73.8% at the end of 3 months.

Recommendations : Improvement in scores is there but still work needs to be done to achieve full compliance. Suggestions have been given so that implementation can be done to achieve full compliance before Pre-assessment.