Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Reengineering; Geriatric Care; Geriatric Healthcare Programme

Objective : To identify the issues in currently available geriatric healthcare programme. To develop a reengineered mobile application based geriatric care programme.

Background : According to census 2001, older people were 7.7% of the total population, which increased to 8.14% in census 2011. Population ageing is one of the most discussed global phenomena in the present century. The population over the age of 60 years has tripled in last 50 years in India and will relentlessly increase in the near future.1 The projections for population over 60 years in next four censuses are: 133.32 million (2021), 178.59 (2031), 236.01 million (2041) and 300.96 million (2051). The increases in the elderly population are the result of changing fertility and mortality regimes over the last 40-50 years. By 2021, the elderly in the country will number more than 143 million. Presently, the elderly in divided into three categories: the young old (60-70) the middle-aged old (70-80) and the oldest old (80 plus). Jordan Broderick, Theresa Devine in their paper (2014) stated that geriatric populations are becoming technology oriented and mobile user friendly also there is a great relation between technologies especially mobile with the growing trends of technology. So, there could be a strong association of process reengineering with developing mobile based geriatric plan.

Methodology : Sample size- 130 Sample Method – Simple Random Sampling Study design- Descriptive study Study period- February to April, 2016. Data type- Primary data Data frame- All the patients of age more than 60 years, responses also taken from staff including Physician, Nurses, Technicians, Administrative staff of Aster Medcity, Kochi Data collection tool – Structured questionnaire Data Analysis- The data analysis done in MS Excel Ethical Consideration- Data confidentiality was maintained throughout the study; the data will be shared for the dissertation purpose only.

Findings : The questionnaire filled by respondents gave an idea about the current level of satisfaction among senior citizens with the facilities provided by Aster Medcity. Major facilities identified which require immediate changes were - OPD counter services, Documentation & Registration processing, Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Aster Café, and Behaviour of Staff. After studying all the aspects and analysis of data and results, the organization came at consensus to roll out completely new program for geriatric care. The program will be unique in nature, and will be concentrating only on Elderly care. The Aster Medcity’s new program on geriatric care will be named as Elder Buddy Program. The program will start with an initiative named as Green Channel.

Recommendations : The study was aimed to reengineer the geriatric care program of Aster Medcity. There were some gaps in each and every delivery point. Hence, there is a need to improve the availability of resources as well as need to equip the delivery points in form of a structured program especially designed for elderly people, which will ultimately advance the quality of care & the outcomes