Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Human resources, Recruitment and Selection, Hospitals

Objective : ï‚· To study the recruitment process of Fortis hospital, Shalimar bagh. ï‚· To identify the various problems faced by the staff while undergoing Recruitment process at Fortis hospitals, Shalimar bagh.

Background : The Study emphasizes on the various problems faced by the employees while they were undergoing the Recruitment process in Fortis hospital, Shalimar bagh.

Methodology : The study was conducted in 262 bedded, Fortis hospitals, Shalimar bagh for a period of 1.5 months i.e. from 12 April 2016 to 30 March 2016. A descriptive research design was adopted and a questionnaire was used to collect data. A total sample size of 120 employees (25% each of Nurses, doctors and paramedics) were taken into study. The sample size was surveyed using self-administered questionnaire. Convenient Sampling technique was used to select 120 staff members. Five point likert scale was used in the questionnaire from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

Findings : ï‚· The organization is mainly dependent on Personal references way of marketing to bring in employees. ï‚· Quite easy selection process for doctors. ï‚· More waiting time and Ambiguity of the recruitment process. ï‚· Increased stress level on the doctors and nurses. %/. Unstructured work life balance.

Recommendations : The recruitment and selection questionnaire when carried out turned out to be a successful approach in knowing the feedback from the employees regarding the current practices, their dissatisfaction areas, areas to be really worked upon, and various aspects of hospital to be taken care of from an employee point of view. Because the major part of a hospital constitutes nurses, doctors and technicians only, their problem area, and satisfying area is of utmost importance to the hospital to gain more popularity among others that distinguish fortis from other hospitals.