Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Operation Theater; Pre-Anesthetic clearance; OT Utilization

Objective : 1. To find out the OT utilization rate at Indowestern Brain and Spine Hospital, Jaipur. 2. To find out the bottlenecks in the system, for proper and efficient utilization of OT. 3. To suggest the remedial measures to improve the OT utilization.

Background : The managerial aspect of providing health services to patients in hospitals is becoming increasingly important. Hospitals want to reduce costs and improve their financial assets, on the one hand, while they want to maximize the level of patient satisfaction, on the other hand. One unit that is of particular interest is the operating theater. Since this facility is the hospital's largest cost and revenue center, it has a major impact on the performance of the hospital as a whole. Enhancing the efficiency of operating theatre has been always a challenging process especially in a quick changing healthcare sector with increased patient care complexity. Managing the operating theater, however, is hard due to the conflicting priorities and the preferences of its stakeholders. Moreover, health managers have to anticipate the increasing demand for surgical services caused by the aging population. These factors clearly stress the need for efficiency and necessitate the development of adequate planning and scheduling procedures.

Methodology : The research approach adopted in the study is descriptive and observational. It Involves Prospective Data Collection from the reports and records maintained on daily basis in the Operation Theater. It also includes collection of information, opinions and attitudes directly from the subject of the study through Interview. Sample size of all the inpatient cases including the daycases during the period of February to April 2016.

Findings : The study was conducted prospectively. Total sample of 172 patients were collected for the period February to April 2016. The analysis revealed that the OT utilization was found to be 84.86% in month of February, 97.22% in month of March and 73.22% in the month of April. The main reasons for the underutilization of OT are mainly due to delay in PAC clearance for fitness for surgery example cardiac clearance, optimal diabetic control, electrolyte imbalance. TPA approval pending, Investigation reports pending, Special Implant was not available. Due to emergency patients and Non-availability of blood group.

Recommendations : After a thorough analysis of the collected data, I hereby conclude that late start of OT and postponed of cases in OT is annoying and causes inconvenience to patient and increases the dissatisfaction level of the patients. The delay if, minimized in the early morning hours, that can significantly reduce long waiting time of patients. This will help the department to function with optimum efficiency and provide quality care to patients.