Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : EMR Adoption Model; Health Information Management Systems; EMR Software; Medical Record

Objective : The aim of this study is to conduct a systematic review of literature to understand the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model developed by HIMSS for US Healthcare and the pre-requisites for complying with the multiple stages of the model and asses an EMR software. The study also aims to measure the compliance of a healthcare provider under the client market based on the EMR Adoption Model and its stages functioning on the assessed software.

Methodology : A comprehensive literature search was performed to study electronic medical records model from research articles, whitepapers and the information provided by HIMSS Analytics. Study majorly focuses on the North American market segmented into four zones from which one of the largest patient base hospital is studied for the EMR software and the EMRAM stages respectively.

Findings : After the comprehensive study of the EMR Adoption Model based on the literature review shows that the EMR software assessed based on the pre-requisites is completely compliant with the EMRAM stages and is robust enough to comply with and achieve all seven stages of the model. The study also infers that the hospital studied from the client market is assessed based on the reports that were run based on the end user’s credentials and the four compliance parameters suggested by HIMSS analytics is compliant with three of them and is yet to achieve one of the four parameters and achieve stage seven.

Recommendations :The Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model provides a basis for the integration of technology with healthcare services by providing a medium for assisting all the stakeholders at every stage of the model. In transition from basic ancillary services to creating a completely paperless environment, which facilitates to improve the delivery of healthcare services, enhances the efficiency of operations and provides a concrete basis for patient medication and treatment since software functioning is driven by evidence of data in software. Following the EMRAM model apart from enabling a paperless environment, creates a standardized platform for the healthcare providers worldwide for the adaption of model.