Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : CTVS Department; Gap Analysis; Radiology Department; Emergency Department; NABH Standards

Objective : of the study were to assess the predictive value of EuroSCORE in the patients of CTVS (Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery) department in Eternal Heart Care Centre and to identify the difference between gross mortality and pre-operative mortality rate predicted by EuroSCORE.

Background : The validity of cardiac surgical scoring system has been put to test from the past few decades. Society of Thoracic Surgeon and other centres around the world has checked EuroSCORE’s validity. Many international studies have shown that generally EuroSCORE overestimates and underestimates the mortality rate. Not many studies have been performed in Indian context so far. Since heart and its ailments is brewing situation in India, it is needed to find out the quality of the cardiac care that is being provided. This study aims to find out the validity of EuroSCORE in cardiac patients.

Methodology : A descriptive study was conducted in Eternal Heart Care Centre, Jaipur and samples were selected purposively. From February 2017 to May 2017 a total of 150 patients of CTVS department were studied. The 17 risk factors shortlisted by EuroSCORE were taken into consideration and a checklist including all that risk factors were made. For each patient, all the factors were recorded and subsequently were filled on EuroSCORE calculator. The so obtained result was predictive mortality rate. The data was analysed using MS Excel and graphs were used for further explanation of the study.

Findings : A predictive mortality rate of 2.86% was calculated by EuroSCORE. The observed mortality rate is of 1.33%. No deaths in females were observed during this period of study. In totality 2 patients died and that too were males. The highest number of patients were admitted in the age group 50-60. The patients in the age group 70-80 recorded highest EuroSCORE and has the maximum number of patients in high risk group that is EuroSCORE greater than that of 6.

Recommendations : The EuroSCORE model’s predictive ability has overestimated the mortality rate in this study. The model did not yield the right prediction rate. If EuroSCORE is taken into consideration by the organisation then it concludes good quality practice in Eternal Heart Care Center.