Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Cord Cell Banking; Blood Related Disorders; Anaemia; Pregnant Women

Objective : • To review the benefits of cord cell banking. • To study the three perspectives: Managers (hospital), providers (cord cell banking company) and users (pregnant mothers) towards the use of “Cord Cell Banking” at Cocoon Hospital. • To suggest ways to synergize the three perspectives if they are different or not matching.

Background : There are two types of stem cells, a) embryonic stem cells and b) adult stem cells. Apart from them in a new born baby through the umbilical cord also highly potent stem cells can be isolated. Umbilical cord blood banking is a procedure wherein blood from the umbilical cord at birth is stored in a blood bank because this blood is rich in stem cells. Banking cord blood is a way of preserving potentially life-saving cells that usually get thrown away after birth.

Methodology : The study is descriptive in nature. Steps taken for the study were: Literature Review: firstly, literature review was done by which identification of themes (important points) were identified, each for Users, Providers and Managers. Development of Checklist of different themes for users Data collection: Self-administered checklist; narratives along with suggestions for betterment Content analysis by themes Documentation

Recommendations : After doing content analysis results came out that Family protection and Painless procedure were two main important points that were matching in all three perspectives of users, providers and managers. Future hope, easy to collect and tissue multiplication possible and return on capital/ profit were topics that were matching between any two perspectives. Therefore, there should be extensive trainings for both providers and managers for: • Technical issues • Customer relations • Research • Better communication • Team building And Price reduction should be there to cover more mothers.