Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Cross Sectional Study; Job Satisfaction; Job Satisfaction Level; Factors Influence

Objective : 1. "To identify the factors which influence the job satisfaction level of Regional Managers.” 2. “To assess the current job satisfaction level of Regional Managers.” 3. “To identify the factor which improves the satisfaction level of Regional Managers.”

Background : Regional Managers are first line managers, who are above Medical Representatives and report to Zonal Managers. They are generally senior medical representatives who are promoted after highly satisfactory performance in the company. Their role is basically to increase the sales of their division, meet and liaison with Doctors, guidance and monitoring of Medical Representatives This research aims to investigate the factors affecting the job satisfaction level among pharmaceutical Regional Managers (also sales representatives) in The Himalaya Drug Company in Jaipur, as the Regional Managers account for high attrition rates in Pharma industry.

Methodology : Descriptive study was conducted to assess the job satisfaction level of RMs. Sample Selection: Non-probability convenient sampling was used based on the Regional Managers who wish to participate in this study and those were only who accessible for this study.

Findings : Data analysis shows majority of the RMs belong to the age group of 31-40, are married, graduates and with work experience of 5-10 years. It is seen that the most satisfied employees are those who have high achievements of their work objectives and goals. The organizational environment also plays an important role in the working conditions and job satisfaction level of the employees. Company policy and administration in which there is timely and regular supervision of the work objectives and their achievement act as a motivating factor for the employees. Interpersonal relationships at the work place with subordinates as well as seniors also work a great deal in improving the work culture.

Recommendations :Opportunity for advancement and company policy and administration were the two factors where a significant number of employees were dissatisfied, so company needs to look into it and need to address the issue in order to give more satisfaction to employees.