Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Marketing Strategy; Hospital Marketing; Cross Sectional Study; Consumer Buying Behavior; Branding

Background : This study aims to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the marketing strategy of Max Hospital, Saket and the reasons behind increase in the annual footfall of patients. The study aims to highlight the important aspects by which the reaching to the target audience could be improved. The areas given attention are the factors which people consider before getting a medical or a surgical treatment in a hospital. Studying these factors is important as these affect the consumer buying behavior for a health service and also by focusing on them, the marketing efforts could be streamlined to better the reach of the promotional activities. The study also incorporates other elements which are crucial to the success of the marketing of any hospital, like the medium which suites the audience better and is able to provide a good reach, the reasons for recommending or not recommending max hospital to others, their suggestions and their expectations from Max. Not only this, the study also provides an insight into the positioning strategy of the hospital and whether the message reach the target audience as expected. The issues and complaints of the consumers gathered by this study would provide a clear picture of the present scenario and the areas of concern which need to be addressed. Each of the study elements surveyed through a questionnaire are integral to develop a comprehensive understanding and planning of the marketing strategy and suggest any scope of improvement if a marketing strategy is already in place. This study is therefore a holistic approach towards understanding the community behavior and addressing their needs and expectations from a hospital when they go for treatment so that the marketing efforts could be directed in the correct way. As per the results achieved through the research, majority of the respondents considered certain factors more important than others when it comes to choosing a hospital for treatment like hospital environment and care, treating doctor, infrastructure, accessibility and medical insurance coverage. Also, it was seen that since maximum walk-in patients were coming through referrals by either relatives or family physician, word of mouth works better for the hospital than any other media. The people seemed less aware of the mobile application and the new Max hospital unit but majority of them would recommend it to others for primarily two reasons; quality services and doctors. As far as expectations from Max are concerned, the demand for health talks is more in comparison to other activities. The satisfaction rating for Max hospital for factors such as brand, hospital environment, doctors is good but there is a need to improve upon the informative videos and availability of information provided about the doctor and treatment. Overall, this study would provide an insight into the target audiences’ needs and expectations so that the marketing activities could be planned in a better way to achieve good results and to attain customer loyalty as satisfied customers would spread a good word of mouth and bring more clients.