Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Job Satisfaction; Factor Influencing; Employees Satisfaction

Objective : To assess the level of job satisfaction of employees in Shalby multi-specialty hospital, Mohali. To determine the factors influencing job satisfaction.

Background : Job satisfaction is very important as it results in increased productivity, less absenteeism and lower employee turnover. Low job satisfaction can result in increased staff turnover and absenteeism, which affects the efficiency of health services. The subject of job satisfaction is particularly relevant and of interest to public health practitioners due to the fact that organizational and employees’ health and well-being rest at a great deal on job satisfaction. This is particularly important because employees in the healthcare delivery system are expected to provide quality patient care while working in a highly stressful environment. Various studies have shown that the dissatisfaction with one’s job may result in higher employee turnover, absenteeism, tardiness and grievances. Improved job satisfaction on the other hand results in increased productivity. Job satisfaction reflects the extent to which people find gratification or fulfillment in their work. Job satisfaction shows that personal factors such as an individual needs and aspirations determine his/her attitude, along with group and organizational factors such as relationships with co-workers and supervisors and working conditions, work policies, and compensation. A satisfied employee tends to be absent less often, to make positive contributions, and to stay with the organisation.

Methodology : A cross-sectional survey was done from February 2017 - May 2017 to determine the factors influencing job satisfaction among employees at Shalby Multispecialty hospital, Mohali. Employees from different departments were asked 25 well framed questions. The data was collected and then analyzed with Microsoft excel.

Findings : It was analyzed that the employees of Shalby hospital were satisfied with the working conditions, sharing of knowledge, circulation of information and are efficiently maintaining their work life balance. Hospital needs improvement in areas like parking, canteen and washrooms.

Recommendations : Since the employees working at Shalby Hospital Mohali are satisfied with their job profile, working environment, office working hours, weekly offs and feel acknowledged. There is a need to maintain this trend. Motivational schemes may be implemented like HIGH-5 badges, best employee of the month or similar schemes. Employees must feel that they are recognized for their work. Motivational, behavioral and work-related trainings need to be conducted. Perks, allowances, promotions and transfers need to be more transparent. Documented policy and circulation of the same to all employees may enhance trust of the employees.