Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Gap Analysis; Medical Imaging Services; NABH Standards; Patient Care; Patient Safety

Objective : • To identify the gaps and to assess the existing service delivery status of Radiology department at Hospital as per NABH standards. Material and methods: Study design: The study was descriptive & observational Setting: Research work was conducted in Radiology Department Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences, Hisar, Haryana. Duration of study: 3 Months (February to April) 2017. Sample size: All available services were compared against set standards. Sample technique: Primary Data: Direct observation, Conversation with the Hospital staff, Discussion with the patients of the hospital. Secondary Data: Hospital Manuals and Policies, Records (e.g. Register of these departments).

Background : The NABH Standards for Medical Imaging Services was standards for evaluation of Medical Imaging Service of hospital and award accreditation. The NABH accredited hospital has its standards set and provide quality of care to patients, improve diagnostic services, safety and it also increases the patient satisfaction. Once the standards are set then quality environment and services at all levels in an organization and across all the functions like close association with clinical colleagues, verification of result (correlation of reports with clinical diagnosis) and proper maintenance and calibration of the equipment, recording number of re-do’s, Number of reporting error, Hand hygiene, Adherence to safety precautions by employees working in diagnostics of Medical Imaging Service. Background: A study was conducted to understand the role of NABH standards and its impact on quality of a hospital. The study provides the data which shows the gap between the existing services and the standards of NABH in different departments of the hospital. Primary data was collected through observation, discussion with staff and patients and Secondary data was collected from hospital records like manuals, policies, Self-assessment toolkit in which corrective preventive actions were recommended to reduce the gaps.

Methodology :

Recommendations :This study identified a few gaps in actual performance and pre-set standards of NABH in Medical Imaging Services of the hospital. Implementation of corrective actions were undertaken which resulted in the enhancement of quality and safety in delivering Radiology services and making it more effective for all economic strata’s.