Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Gap Analysis; Turnaround Time; Discharge Process; Hospital Discharge Process; Healthcare Delivery; Standard Operational Protocols

Objective : To assess current discharge process for gap analysis with standard operational protocols To assess issues related with discharge process

Background : Discharge means to formally terminate a person's care in, and releasing from, a hospital or healthcare facility. Elderly patients are potentially more vulnerable to prolonged hospital stay as they frequently require additional resources to facilitate their discharge. In many studies it is found in delay discharge proceedings not only patient to be bear a financial cost but also a physical cost in terms of hospital acquired infection and readmission episodes sequentially. It is mandatory to access turnaround time for making executional plan to prohibit delay in discharge as Possible Lean process maintain a standard protocol of each activity on time and procure to remove process from waste time to provide a financial and psychological relief to patient.

Methodology : Study design: Cross - sectional analytical study Setting: EHCC hospital Duration of study: 3 months Sample Size: 224 patients are covered out of 700 discharge patients in average during studied period. Sampling Technique: Random sampling of self-patients and TPA patients with patient distribution at different floors Sample selection: Inclusion: Combination of self and TPA patients under studied period of time Data collection procedure: A real time checklist is being prepared and random events are monitored to avoid selection bias. Data analysis procedure: Calculation of each selected option score of each respondent or events and average score describe subjective perception of study and by preparation of suitable graph indicates gap area needed to fulfill wit. Checklist results were calculated and median score of each event was found by Software MS Excel.

Findings : In result considering discussion it is all patient involving both Self and TPA patient category turnaround time is 3.33 hrs.(Average) In result considering discussion it is all patient involving both Self and TPA patient category turnaround time is 3.15 hrs. (Median) In which Self-patients are on 3 hr. 11 minutes turnaround time of 163 patients on average which is quite high as compared to organization SOP where TPA patients are on 4 hrs. 49 minutes of 61 Patients on average. Unplanned discharge Turnaround time is also high. Median score differentiates with average score to interpret skewness or outliers position and also details where maximum number of patient discharge time share.

Recommendations : It is found by effective discharge planning with effective management sops, executional plans, and audit would show gaps. It is mandatory to assess gaps and find probable solutions for upcoming challenges