Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Blood Bank Department; NABH Standards; QCI; Gap Analysis; Key Performance Indicators

Objective : To analyze the gaps in existing process of Blood Bank and Implement the necessary tools of documentation and fulfillment needful in Blood Bank.

Background : National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India (QCI), set up to establish and operate accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. Today in Healthcare Sector Accreditation has not only become a symbol of recognition but also an opportunity for the organizations to prove themselves on quality parameters. By implementing the Standards of NABH for blood transfusion services strives to improve the quality and safety of collecting, processing, testing, transfusion and distribution of blood and blood products. This study reflects the Gaps and Implementations which were identified for Transfusion Services as per NABH standards for Blood Bank in a Multispecialty Hospital.

Methodology : Literature Review was done to study the standards of Blood Bank. Then gap was analyzed with respect to standards given by NABH by checklist and reviewing patient records and who had received (Blood & Blood component) transfusion. Implementations for various procedures was done. Effectiveness of implementations was monitored through Key Performance Indicators.

Findings : After implementation of Standards of NABH in Blood Bank Staff is sensitized about the Policies and Procedures of Transfusion. Total 10 Transfusion Reactions were reported. Wastage of blood in blood bank was 48 Units, and in wards it was 1 unit, Turnaround Time for issuing of Blood was 1:13:15