Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Healthcare Expenditure; GDP; Health Economics; Global Burden of Disease; Indian Healthcare Burden

Objective : • To study the allocation of the sector wise health expenditure in India. • To forecast the increased public healthcare spending needs in India. • To access the health expenditure requirements to attain universal health coverage in India. • To develop a proposed plan for increased public health spending of India.

Background : Share of Total Health Care Spending in Select Economies: In India the total health expenditure (4.65%) and the public spending on healthcare is very less (approximately 1.4%) as compared to other countries shown below. It indicates that India should incur their part of GDP as Government health expenditure. Out of Pocket Spending: Out of Pocket expenditure is higher for India than any other Economy as shown in the table which indicates that there is a need of reducing out of pocket expenditure and increasing public expenditure and private insurance. Direct Expenditure in India: Following table shows the out of pocket expenditure for the household, which indicates the need to reduce it.

Methodology : • Literature review of various Government Reports and Policy Papers • Open Forum • Literature review of various national and international Government Reports, Policy Papers Research Context: The context of research is primarily health financing, particularly public expenditure on health in India. Research Design: The study would be a descriptive study which will involve description of existing health expenditures both private and public sectors. Method of Data Collection: Primary data collection: Open Forum Discussion and Secondary data collection: Government reports and Policy papers

Findings : Research results in emergence of the prototype model which can assist the government to increase their GDP from 1.15% to 2.5%

Recommendations : Planning Commission of India mentioned about the increase in percentage GDP healthcare expenditure from 1.15% to 2.5% in their policy draft 2017 along with some specified domains and the proportion of expenditure done on these domains. Potential areas are identified based on the guidelines mentioned in Situation Analysis 2017 draft which will aid in increasing the public healthcare expenditure from 1.15% to 2.5% and all the basic calculations are done based on the identified areas, literature review from government journals and International published reports. This result in emergence of a road map which can guide the Indian Government regarding the allocation of expenditure in the areas mentioned in the draft. The model serves as a prototype for further step wise planning on how to utilize the forecasted budgeted amount in the areas mentioned in the study. This leave a research area for the researchers to draw the healthcare model for India keeping in mind the universal health coverage.