Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Pharmaceutical Marketing; Pharmaceutical Sales; Client Specific Project Repository; Need Assessment Survey

Objective : • To assess the need of a client specific central project repository. • To identify the problems in accessing existing project drives. • To create a central repository of client specific projects from the year 2015 onwards, containing only specific documents.

Background : The nature of work a sales and marketing consulting firm gets is sometimes of similar nature as the other. Sometimes an old project may also form basis of a new project work. Keeping this in mind, this study was carried out to assess the need of a central repository containing material for all the projects done by a client team and implementation of the same according to the survey results.

Methodology : Study design: Analytical, Cross-Sectional. Sample size: For the survey, 23 Client Knowledge Guides (CKGs) for different client teams were contacted. Sampling technique: Convenience Sampling was employed. Sample selection: The study would be conducted among CKGs, who are the POC in the KM team for a client. Data collection procedure: Primary data was collected using structured, mixed questionnaire. The questions were asked via online survey tool Survey Monkey and personal interviews, depending on the availability of respondents. Data analysis procedure: Collected data will be analyzed using MS Excel. Data collection instrument: The questionnaire consists of 1 open-ended and 9 closed-ended questions with one of their options as open-ended (Others). The questions analyze the presence of existing project repositories, their updating schedule and person responsible for upkeep, importance to current teammates and problems faced while accessing the repository. One question is for comments and suggestions.

Findings : Approximately 52.17 percent of the respondents thought that the need of such a repository is of utmost importance and urgency. A good 39.13 percent respondent thought that it isn’t that urgent but should be done for sure. About 8.70 percent deemed the repository to be desirable but not that necessary. Only the SOW/Proposal, Pricing and Final Deliverables were to be placed in the repository with 70 percent respondents voting from them. Approximately 61 percent of the client teams already have a repository, out of which, 86 percent of them are on a project drive. For majority of the teams, the content was uploaded by their onshore team (57 percent) after the completion of their projects (79 percent). For around 41 percent of the respondents, unstructured storage of files and improper naming was the biggest issue with their existing repositories. Once the survey results were out, the repository was created. Quality control was done in two rounds. First, to check the nomenclature of the file at our end, and second, by identified stakeholders to identify accessibility issues. Issues like slow navigation, denial of access, improper navigation and latest version of deliverable not available were brought to light and rectified. Access was then provided to the right team members associated with client XYZ.

Recommendations : As established by the survey, the repository was the need of the hour for client teams pan ZS. While maintenance related issues will continue to prevail unless a person is dedicated to keep it updated, especially for ongoing and new projects, it should be made sure that every client team should have such a quick visit repository to avoid duplication of efforts in case of similar nature of projects. The process takes time since the files have to be acquired from the onshore team. Once the repository is set up and access is given to the right people, the maintenance and regular updating should also be done regularly as in this case. One POC for this purpose should be assigned to be responsible for all the correspondence related to the repository. Time to time feedback should be taken to recognize issues and incorporating latest trends.