Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Communication Campaign; Consumption of Iron; Folic Acid; Pregnancy; Nutritional Deficiency

Objective : This study aims to test a campaign developed on consumption of Iron & Folic Acid during pregnancy in the initial stages of development to understand the perception of people for the campaign.

Background : Mass media has changed the world in many respects. With advances in technology, it has become the most important vehicle for spreading information. This can also be seen in case of health-related information. Use of mass media campaigns for creating awareness has now become a daily task. However, developing such campaigns is not only the result of creativity, it also involves a huge amount of research as well as resources at every step of development. Therefore, pre-testing the campaign before it is produced in the final form not only saves time, energy and money but also increases the chances of success.

Methodology : One and half month study from March 15, 2017 to April 30, 2017 was conducted in eight selected villages, each from different state of India. 15 respondents from each village were interviewed making the total sample of 120 for the study. TV advertisement, Radio spot and a logo was tested to assess the acceptability of the campaign.

Findings : The study showed that 95.8% of the respondents could recall the TV ad. Those who could recall the advertisement, approximately 85% of the respondent liked the TV and the radio ad, 99% of them thought it was believable and 64% of the respondent could identify themselves with the ad. More than 50% of the respondents could understand the main message of TV ad however the understanding was high for the radio ad. The credibility for radio advertisement was 92.5%.

Recommendations : The campaign had a high acceptability and the message was clear, easy to recall and believable. The campaign was successful in achieving its desired outcomes for pre-testing. However, the final impact will be seen after the final from roll out.