Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; OPD; Outpatient Department; Behavior of Staff; Waiting Time

Objective : The main objective of the study was to assess the level of satisfaction of the patients and also identifying areas that cause low satisfaction levels and providing suggestions for a better patient experience.

Background : Patient fulfillment with therapeutic care is a standout amongst the most usually measured patient demeanors, and work in this field has expanded especially in the previous decade. Donabedian, has cited "accomplishing and creating wellbeing and fulfillment, as characterized for its individual individuals by a specific culture or subculture, is a definitive valuator of the nature of care. A few variables have invigorated research in the range of patient fulfillment. Purchasers are ending up noticeably more modern about the sort of care they get, suppliers are ending up noticeably more mindful to their worries, and rivalry for patients among paid ahead of time and free for specialist co-ops has strengthened. The study was done to understand the impact of patient satisfaction in today’s competitive heathcare market.

Methodology : The study was done on the patients coming to the Outpatient department (OPD) at the Asian Heart Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was a descriptive cross-sectional study, in which the sample was taken through non- probability convenient sampling.The size of the smple was 120 OPD patients and it was conducted for a total duration of three months with two months dedicated to OPD data collection and one month for report preparation. Data analysis and tabulation was done completely on MS – Excel and MS- Word.

Findings : A few issues have been recorded by the patients on the amenities provided by the Asian Heart Hospital .Such as long waiting time for consultation. This is in context of the consultation time it took to meet any doctor after a scheduled appointment. This was recorded to be approximately 47% of the total complains. Of the 47% majority said that doctors were late to their OPDs. Another major complain was that staff at the reception counters were rude and inefficient. Approximately 36% of total complains were regarding the indifferent behavior of the reception staff.

Recommendations :Attention needs to be given on the behavior of counter and support staff in contact with patients and waiting time for consulting doctors at OPD. These areas are to improve on the experience status among patients. Over all the patients coming to Asian Heart Hospital are satisfied and happy with the array of service being provided to them and would suggest other patients to come for their treatment to this hospital.