Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : CDSS; Clinical Decision Support System; Healthcare Industry; Medical Logic Module

Objective : 1. To review and understand CDSS and its scope in healthcare industry. 2. To study functional capabilities and architecture of CDSS. 3. To review various types of CDSS available in market. 4. To know the perception of CDSS in Indian health care industry. Research Question: What is CDSS? What is the scope of CDSS in healthcare industry?

Background : CDSS or clinical decision support system is a health IT software that assists the healthcare providers and other health care professionals to make clinical decisions. Clinical decision support system helps providing clinicians, staff and other health care personnel with knowledge and information, which is intelligently filtered according to case requirement to enhance the efficiency health care providers [2]. A CDSS system interacts with patient information entered into the system, extracts information from knowledge data base and correlates both to assist the physician in decision making. Clinical decision support system is a software that assists the health care providers in making the clinical decisions. This study will help in increasing the understanding about CDSS and its scope. It will help understand architecture of CDSS that is usually followed. The study will also help to assess the current awareness, knowledge level and attitude to health care providers towards CDSS in India. The study will help analyze the current usage level of CDSS in India, and the future trends it could follow.

Methodology : Study design: Thorough review of literature done for secondary research. Primary study is descriptive and cross-sectional. Sample population: For primary study physicians, IT team, administrative staff, staff nurse, medical students included. Sampling method: Convenient sampling technique. Sample size: For review of literature, 40 reports were reviewed. For primary study, data collection of 97 respondents was done. Data source: Primary and secondary data. Study Duration: Three months (6th February to 5th May). Data Analysis Tool- MS Excel

Recommendations : Health IT is becoming a chief component of the health system. IT application have vast scope in streamlining the healthcare that is being provided to the patients. Health IT had improved the quality of care that is being provided to the patients. CDSS is one of the main module among health IT that is used to improve the healthcare quality being imparted to patients. CDSS helped to standardize the quality healthcare. It has helped to reduce errors that are common in health system and have proven to be highly useful to mankind. CDSS is still at its introduction stage and should be explored further to gain maximum output from it. Global CDSS distribution when measured with respect to 3 continents shows that North America accounts for 72%of the market share, leading country being USA with holds 92% of CDSS share. This is followed by Europe that accounts 15% of the global share, leading countries being Germany, France and UK. Asia accounts for 8% of the total market share with Japan and China being the leading countries. Rest of the World (RoW) accounts for 5% of the total global share, with Australia capturing the major hold. India has advanced a lot in IT sector but still lags behind in health IT when compared to global level. Awareness level about CDSS is quiet low in India. The lowest ratio of the respondents was that of administrative staff (1.78), that means that administrative staff were the least aware people among all. This was followed by doctors (2), IT team (3.5), support staff (3.6) and staff nurse (4.8). None of the medical students were aware of CDSS. The need-gap analysis shows maximum gap in reliability of CDSS, followed by CDSS acceptance level and then least gap in CDSS helpfulness to healthcare providers, which are 1.92, 1.61 and 1.08 respectively. For CDSS to become a success and improve the quality of patient care, clear and detailed awareness about CDSS need to be created in India. Indian healthcare system need to focus on development in health IT and make the best benefit out of it.