Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Healthcare Professionals; User Satisfaction; HCPS; HCPs Satisfaction

Objective : The present study was undertaken to understand the satisfaction level of healthcare providers towards Curofy. Hence, the objective of study was to study the user satisfaction of the Curofy’s application and determine the measures to be taken to improve the application and make it more useful.

Background : In today’s hyper partisan political arena, it is rare to find an opportunity that offers such a compelling & vital opportunity for co-operation as does moderizing our healthcare system through digitization and information technology. Doctor to doctor communication has always been an untapped area. Communication between doctors has always been confined to either physical interaction or to whatsapp groups. The trend that physicians using internet to gather medical information, socialize and improve their knowledge has increased in the recent years. According to AMAI (American Medical Informatics Association), 96.7% of physicians use an online site indicates that they consider their on-line information accurate & reliable.

Methodology : The study tool was prepared about the Curofy application and it was a questionnaire using Likert scale. The data was collected from 140 Curofy doctors. Questionnaire was sent through e-mail and answers were received. The data was analysed using MS-Excel and interpretations were made to inform and enable the software department to improve Curofy application.

Findings : According to the survey, it was found that majority of Curofy doctors were satisfied with the main focus of the app, i.e. to get their queries and cases related to their patient cases solved by other doctors and treat their patients much more efficiently. About 82% of doctors have given rating above 3. In terms of NPS, Curofy has achieved a score of 6.9. The feedback was taken from the users as the last question.

Recommendations : If the organisation is not progressing, it is regressing. This also holds good for Curofy. The results were a mixture of various parameters on which we need to focus. Hence, the study needs to be carried out at continous intervals. The interval may depend on new targets and emerging needs which will continously improve Curofy application re-targeting and becoming better everyday. With increasing smartphone market, Curofy was on growth stage and was capturing the market on a faster pace. In order to progress, company has to keep on innovating to maintain the satisfaction level of existing customers.