Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), IT, Paras Hospital, Network connectivity, dashboard

Objective : • Study the inputs and processes in the existing hospital information system. • Develop a framework to upgrade the HMIS in Paras hospital. • Identify new or modified inputs and processes required for the new upgraded HMIS.

Background : Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) implies putting every one of all frameworks and healing hospitals – wide assets both electronic and manual that arrangement with taking care of and capacity of data/information of doctor's facilities in personal computers (PCs) that are connected to each other and available from every single approved hub. HMIS incorporates clinical, money related, managerial data, utilizing the mix of PC, correspondence web and imaging innovation in order to well-being experts' cooperating in the conveyance of care to patients, and give exact and auspicious data to open and administration. Doctor's facility data framework gives a typical wellspring of data about a patient's wellbeing history. The frameworks need to keep information in secure place and control who can achieve the information in specific conditions. These frameworks improve the capacity of social insurance experts to organize mind by giving patients well-being data and visit history at the place and time that is required. Patient's lab test data additionally visual outcomes, for example, X-beam may be reachable from experts. HIS gives inner and outside correspondences among medicinal services suppliers. The HMIS may control official documentations, budgetary situational reports, individual information utilities data and stock sums additionally keeps in secure place patient’s data, patient’s restorative history, medicines, operational and laboratory center test outcomes.

Methodology : The study was conducted in following steps as mentioned below: Step 1: Discussion with Deputy Manager and IT unit head Step 2: Sought permission from IT unit head, Paras hospital Step 3: Review the existing HMIS by visiting all the units/ departments in Paras hospital by taking notes Step 4: conducted SWOT analysis Step 5: Identified inputs and processes required to upgraded HMIS

Findings : Need for Up gradation of HMIS at Paras Hospital Management of Paras hospital decided to upgrade the HMIS for the following reasons: a) Better efficiency b) Easy for staff of the hospital c) Better patient satisfaction d) Better storage and retrieval of data e) Better utilization of hospital resources

Recommendations : • The need for upgradation of the existing HMIS in Paras hospital was realized by the management for making the hospital system more efficient and effective. • The inputs and processes in the existing hospital information system are to add personal details of the patients like mobile no., name, address which is necessary. The strengths included are it has well integrated finance module and the existing system is on the web, weaknesses were no centralized database and it is not user friendly, opportunities and threats in the existing HMI system are module applications and database. And threats are dependence on windows and network connectivity is required.