Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : New Born Care; ASHAs; Home Based Care; Knowledge of ASHA; Practice of ASHA

Objective : To assess the Knowledge of ASHAs regarding Home Based New Born Care. To assess the Practice of ASHAs regarding Home Based New Born Care.

Background : In India, over 26 million babies are born every year and about 940,000 babies die before 1 month of life Presently, the infant mortality rate (IMR) for India is 39 per 1000 live births(SRS-2014), and the neonatal mortality rate (NMR) is 26 per 1000 live births (Niti aayog-2013). The administrative headquarters of the district is at Palanpur which its largest city is also. The district is located in the Northeast of Gujarat and is presumably named after the West Banas River which runs through the valley between Mount Abu and Aravalli Range. The district is divided into fourteen Talukas. Total number of ASHAS in district are 2773 and Out of Total 2773 ASHAs 2746 are trained in Module 6 and 7.

Methodology : Study Design-The study design is Cross sectional descriptive study. Study Duration- 3 months (February TO April 2017) Study Area-The study were conducted in three blocks of Banaskantha district named as Amirgarh, Deesa and Danta. Study Participants- ASHAs of Amirgarh, Deesa and Danta block who have undergone Modules 6&7 training. Sample selection process-Amirgarh,Deesa and Danta block selected out of 14 blocks by simple Random sampling and from each block 36 Sub-Centre selected randomly and one working ASHAs selected randomly of this Sub-Centre were taken as Sample and interviewed (Total 108 sub-Centre). Sample size- Total ASHAs- 108 (one working ASHAs selected randomly of total 108 Sub-Centre, as there are 2-6 ASHAs in 1 sub-Centre of Banaskantha).

Findings : Only 9% ASHAs have full knowledge of sepsis prevention while 86% ASHA’s have partially knowledge 5% ASHAs don’t have any knowledge. During home visits only checking of weight and temperature is done by most of ASHAS in which around 32% ASHAs have full practice of measuring temperature while 60% ASHAs have partial practice of measuring temperature and 8% ASHAs don’t practice measuring temperature of new born baby in HBNC visit.

Recommendations : • Ensuring skill- based Training to all the ASHAs • Provision of Refresher training twice in a year • Regular Supportive Supervision • Systemic Assessment of ASHAs

Most of ASHAs had partial knowledge about articles to be carried and expected to do during HBNC so need to improve • Around 18% of ASHAs don’t know about Kangaroo mother care Asphyxia so need of strengthening. • Around 50% ASHAs had correct knowledge about steps of Hand Washing but only 18% completely practice properly.