Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Operation Theatre; DMAIC Approach; Patient Satisfaction; Operation Theatre Efficiency

Objective : • To observe the operation theatre time schedule and to find out whether surgery is performed on scheduled time or not. • To identify the gap between scheduled time and actual time of surgeries, if any. • To identify the reasons for delay in cases if any. • Methodology: A descriptive study was conducted in Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Kolkata for a period of 3 months from 6th February -6th May 2017 with a random sample of 400 patients and the study approach was DMAIC.

Background : Operation Theatre scheduling is a major contributing factor to enhance theefficiency of Operation Theatres. Accurate and real time scheduling assist in predicting staffing needs, ensuring availability of required equipment and supplies; one of the most important concern related to patient satisfaction. An accurate schedule must list realistically the starting and ending time of each surgery.

Findings : • 52% of the cases got delayed due to non-availability of surgeon and anesthesia doctor on time. • Out of the first175 first cases 121 cases got delay from their scheduled timing. • Pre-anaesthesia check-up not done one day before in 57% of cases i, e. 225 cases out of 400 cases). • OT consent form which is filled in operation theatre did not actually happen in 55% of cases. 53 cases out of 95 cases) • Financial clearances do not happen on actual time as a result of which surgery gets delayed. • TBA patients are not admitted on their scheduled time.

Recommendations : Improvement of OT scheduling will have direct impact on increasing the efficiency of Operation theatre. It will not only help reduce the waiting time of patient but also increase the satisfaction level among them and hence, Optimum utilization of OT can be also done.

The operating theatre is one of the most expensive departments of any hospital and its scheduling involves an arrangement of several operating rooms to the medical surgeons in a period of time. Surgeons therefore have a responsibility to ensure that theatre facilities are utilized as fully as possible, and there should be a productive use of operating time in the theatre. In the health service sector such as government or private hospitals, the scheduling of operation Theatre plays an important role towards achieving their goals. And one of the main goal is to meet the patient satisfaction by minimizing his/her total waiting time before undergoing any major or minor operation.