Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; Healthcare Services; Outpatient Department; OPD; Quality of Health Services

Objective : • To assess the quality of health services provided by the Hospital • To find out the felt needs of patients attending OPD services • To find out the problems faced by patients in the hospital.

Background : Health care facility performance can be best assessed by measuring the level of patient’s satisfaction. A completely satisfied patient believes that the organisation has potential to understand patient’s needs and demands related to healthcare. The study was carried out to analyse the level of satisfaction and the factors affecting satisfaction of patients visiting the OPD of Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad. This is descriptive study conducted to assess patient satisfaction with health services and also get feedback and suggestion for the improvement about the services provided at the OPD of Shelby, Hospital, Ahmedabad. The patients were randomly selected, and a questionnaire was used to evaluate patient satisfaction about the outpatient department services, logistic arrangement in the outpatient department, waiting time, facilities, perception about the performance of staff, appointment system and behaviour of staff, support services and any other suggestions of patients. Majority of comments from patients were: long waiting time for seeing doctors, poor interpersonal manners of doctors, nurse and administrative staff.

Methodology : • Area: Out Patient Department (Location - 1st floor, 3rd floor, Ground floor ) • Duration: 3 Months (6th February 2017 – 6th May 2017) • Sample Size: 464 OPD Patients • Study Design: Descriptive study Data Collection Method and Tool: Questionnaire Survey Methods: This is a descriptive and causal study. Primary data was collected through survey method; both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies were adopted. Sampling Technique: Interview technique and random, and opportunistic sampling technique will be used during the study. Patients are and will be conversant regarding the purpose of the study and are informed that their participation will be unpaid. Exclusion Criteria: Discharged patients of all age group were excluded in the study. Moreover, patients admitted in- patient department of the hospitals were excluded in the study. Inclusion Criteria: Patient seeking consults or out-patient department (OPD) were included.

Findings : • In Check in registration 46% patients are satisfied with registration services. • Second stage of pre- Checkup process 60% patients are satisfied • Third stage is of consultation with doctor in that 49% patients are satisfied. It is less because waiting time is more for consultation and doctors are not available on given time. • By billing department 65% patients are satisfied because they don't have to wait there for long time because there are many counters. • By follow up services 46% patients are satisfied. There are no charges for follow up if patients come in one week after registration. • By Pharmacy 60% patients are satisfied because their almost all the medicines prescribed by doctors are available. • In Food and Beverages 54% patients are satisfied because there is very less waiting time and food is very hygienic. • In Diagnostic 60% patients are satisfied. • In Parking, washroom, and lift only 52% patients are satisfied because washrooms are not as clean as it should be now operations department is working over that and parking system needs to be improved and for lift patients have to wait around 5-8 minutes.

Recommendations :The report concludes that patient satisfaction is good in Out- Patient Department of Shalby Hospital. Almost 60% patients are satisfied with OPD services and after talking to other 40% about their negative response I get to know that there is need to work on few things like: - • Doctors should be available on the time given to the patient. • Signage system needs to be improved. • Training should be provided to attendants and sisters on Communication Skills. • Proper availability of magazines and newspapers in each OPD.