Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Privilege Program; Privilege Card Program; Market Plan

Objective : The Program offered a complimentary physical card to the residents through which they can avail discounts on certain services that was renewed annually. However, the Program since then has seen a declining trend in its business health. To assess this, a survey was done with the Resident Privilege card holders as respondents with the following objectives- • To identify the gaps in the Privilege Card Program. • To develop a marketing plan addressing the issues identified for re-launch of the Program

Background : A growing numbers of hospitals are seeking to attract new patients and keep existing ones by offering them an array of perks, from free parking and gift-shop discounts to wellness seminars and health screenings. On similar lines, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield introduced a unique Privilege Card Program in 2015, catering especially to the Resident Welfare Association residents of the area.

Methodology : • Study Design: Descriptive cross-sectional approach • Study Setting: Resident Welfare Apartments around Whitefield region. The participants in the program included were the Privilege Card Holders of RWA residents. • Study Duration: The study was conducted for two months duration during the months of March 2017 to May 2017. • Study Population: The study population comprised of Resident Welfare Association residents of all age groups above 18 years • Study Sample: All the Privilege Card Holders of RWA residents were included. The responses of 362 respondents were valid research questionnaires. • Study Tool: Structured Questionnaire • Sample Size: 362 • Sampling Technique: Purposive Sampling technique

Findings : Low value discounts, lacunae at the service delivery level with no single point of contact were the main areas of concern. The study proposed that there is a need to focus on operational, promotional and technological aspect to re-launch the initiative to a flagship program. The study has also developed a marketing plan for a revamp model of expansion of the Privilege Card Program Initiative. This will not only create brand awareness but will also improve compliance, thereby increasing revenues and ultimately building a stronger brand.

Recommendations :The study addresses the gaps identified in the Privilege card program. Keeping in mind a new marketing strategy has been worked upon with the technology as a base. Through this study, there is a possibility to strengthen the brand identity with an aim to increase consumer footfalls and thereby the return on investment