Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; OPD; Satisfaction Level; Outpatient Department

Objective : To access the satisfaction of patients To identify the areas with low satisfaction levels To provide the recommendations for enhancing patient satisfaction

Background : Hospitals have been changed from being isolated infirmary to a facility with five-star amenities. The patients and their relatives who come to the hospital not only expect world-class treatment, but also other facilities to make their visit comfortable and worth visiting again in the hospital. This change in attitude, perception and expectation has evolved because of tremendous growth of media and its exposure, as well as commercialization and improvement in the facilities and upcoming health models and technology emerging at the fast pace. Determinants of patient satisfaction have been reported extensively. According to previous studies, patient characteristics such as age and education may influence a patient's assessment of hospital performance. A patient's health status and the severity of illness are also important predictors of the patient's overall satisfaction level. Research Question: To access the level of patient (OPD) satisfaction at Manipal Hospital, Jaipur.

Methodology : The study was conducted by: a) Review of available national and international literature on the subject b) A survey was conducted amongst 100 samples, by using structured questionnaire and the data was analyzed using appropriate statistical methods Study Area: Outpatient department Manipal Hospital, Jaipur Study Tools: Structured questionnaire Comprised 42 questions on a five-point Likert scale was used Study Design: Descriptive cross-sectional study Study Population: Patients at the OPD of hospital Sample Design: Non-Probability convenient sampling Sample Size: 100 OPD patients Duration of Study: Feb 2017 – May 2017. Sampling Selection: Inclusion Criteria: Patients at the OPD of Hospital Exclusion Criteria: Patients in IPD and Emergency Department Data Collection Procedure: Primary data was collected from direct observation, interview with patients & attendants. Data Analysis Procedure: Data collected was analyzed using Microsoft Excel. Ethical Consideration: Informed consent of the patients and attendants was taken. Data security, confidentiality and privacy were ensured.

Findings : A. The Five Major Dissatisfies 1. Radiology Report Dispatch 2. Laboratory Report Dispatching 3. Unavailability of Certain Medicines in OPD Pharmacy 4. Waiting time prior to doctor consultation 5. Long standing queues at registration counter B. 13 responses were very satisfied with appointment system, registration, consultation etc. C. 272 responses were satisfied with appointment system, registration, consultation etc. D. 331 responses were neutral with appointment system, registration, consultation etc. E. 20 responses were dissatisfied with appointment system, registration, consultation etc. F. 2 responses were very dissatisfied with appointment system, registration, consultation etc.

Recommendations : • Strict and timely TAT should be followed. • Proper analysis of feedback form and continuous monitoring and auditing of feedback results. • Departments which have been getting low scores continuously forming a committee of relevant team members and then doing root cause analysis. • Proper formation of SOP’s and hospital policies pertaining to patient satisfaction. • Regular follow up with patients, for their feedback towards continuous quality improvement.