Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; Inpatient Department; IPD Patient; Evaluation

Objective : 1) To evaluate the satisfaction level of IPD patients. 2) To identify the weaker areas where improvement/ alterations are needed to enhance the patient satisfaction

Background : Hospitals have always been in the business of providing patient care. However, with the inception of value based purchasing, the measurement of successful patient care delivery has been redefined. Patient satisfaction is an important and commonly used indicator for measuring the quality in health care. Patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims. It affects the timely, efficient, and patient-centered delivery of quality health care. Patient satisfaction is thus a proxy but a very effective indicator to measure the success of doctors and hospitals. Patient satisfaction in IPD can be defined as fulfillment or meeting of expectations of a person, service or product. When a patient comes to hospital, he has a preset image of the various aspects of the hospital as per the reputation and cost involved. Although, their main expectation is getting cured and going back to their work, but there are other factors which affect their satisfaction. Sometimes, they might have rated a hospital very low on the basis of information, they have got from different sources, but they find it above their expectation and they are satisfied. Similarly, if they have got a very high expectation from a hospital, but if they find it below their expectation, they will not be satisfied. In IPD patient stays in hospital for minimum a night and therefore experiences all the parameters associated with the stay, starting from the admission process till the discharge process. Thus, measuring all the associated activities will lead to the evaluation of satisfaction in patients.

Methodology : Materials and Methods: Study Design : Descriptive and analytical study Setting : Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad Sampling Technique: Non-probability Convenience Sampling Sample Size : 123 IPD patients of General Ward Sample selection : Inclusion criteria: All the admitted patients in medicine ward Exclusion criteria : Day care patients Study population : Medicine Department Study Duration : 6th Feb 2017 till 6th May 2017 Data collection instrument: A structured questionnaire was prepared for IPD department, which will include all the parameters to be dealt with patients during the stay in hospital. Six parameters were used for judging the satisfaction level of patients, which were front office, consultation and doctors, nursing staff, food/diet services, housekeeping and discharge process. Satisfaction level was judged on these parameters and the questions would be given a rating e.g.: excellent 5, good 4, average 3, below average 2, inacceptable 1. Then these ratings would be calculated to take out the percentages of satisfaction. Data analysis procedure: The results were analyzed in MS EXCEL and further graphs will be made to differentiate them into percentages. After this an interpretation will be done and problem areas will be figured out and improvement would be done. Ethical considerations: Due considerations of confidentiality and privacy of information would be maintained.

Recommendations : The overall satisfaction level of the IPD patients was good. Discharge process needs to be improved as it has the maximum dissatisfaction due to increased waiting time and billing queries. Housekeeping is the second most category of patient dissatisfaction. It requires grooming and training of the staff.