Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Operation Theatre, OT Utilization, Hours Utilized and not Utilized, Planned Surgeries, Unplanned Surgeries

Objective : The objective of this study was to assess the overall utilization of operation theaters in terms of hours. To assess the extent to which different departments are utilizing the allocated hours and to identify the proportion of (unplanned or planned) surgeries and to suggest measures to improve the utilization of the OT of Satguru Pratap Singh Hospital, Ludhiana for the time period of February 2017 to May 2017.

Background : The prime source of revenue comes from the operation theatre (OT) of a hospital. Nevertheless, the area of OT corresponds to sizeable expenditure for a hospital unit budget which demands maximum utilization of operation theatre to make certain optimal cost-benefit. OT Utilization can be defined as the measure of hours of theatre time that is actually utilized during elective resource hours and also considers the total number of optional resource hours available for use for optimal utilization of theatre time (Augusto et al., 2010). An Operation Theatre (OT) is a vital facility of any healthcare unit. This specialized service of the hospital is directed towards lifesaving procedures carried out in strict aseptic conditions under controlled environment. A room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations is called Operation Theater.

Methodology : The study on utilization of Operation Theater at SPS Hospital, Ludhiana is a Descriptive type of study. Data Analysis: Data was analyzed with the help of MS-Excel.

Findings : The 663 surgeries cases done, 483(72.9%) were planned and 180(27.1) % were unplanned or were emergency surgeries. Among the departments, General Surgery had the maximum number of surgeries (140) and Pediatric department had the least number of surgeries (22). General Surgery utilized 252 hours which amounts to 63% of OT utilization, which is the highest as compared to the other departments during the study period. Ophthalmology utilized only 14 hours which amounts to 3.5% of OT utilization, which is the lowest as compared to the other departments during the study period.

Recommendations : The existing study concentrates to understand the pattern and course of Utilization of operation theatre of Satguru Pratap Singh (SPS) Hospital in Ludhiana district of Punjab. This report also suggests the hospital for improving the utilization of operation theatre further.