Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Home Health Care (HHC); Point of Presence (POP); Patient Satisfaction; POP Management.

Objective : The objectives of the study were: • To assess and compare the overall management of nine POPs in Hyderabad • To assess the level of patient satisfaction of nine POPs • To suggest ways for the improvement of the processes

Background : HHC is a system of care provided by skilled practitioners to patients in the comfort of their homes with the help of a physician. It includes medical care, nursing care nursing attendant, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy and social services. Social and economic factors have even accelerated the expansion of HHC services to improve function and live with greater independence, the organization (home care services) need to ensure management of services like human resource management, and inventory management.

Methodology : The study was prospective in nature which was carried out for a period of two months duration (March-April 2018). Data was collected through direct observation at POP through a checklist having parameters - human resource management, order assignment, diagnostic sample management, inventory management, cash management, and documentation. Moreover for the patient feedback analysis, the data was collected by interviewing the patients at their homes in the following parameters - ease of getting appointment, grooming of staff, behaviour of staff, appropriate information provided by staff, staff responsiveness towards patient needs, knowledge of staff, appropriate treatment / care provided by staff, demonstration of respect for religious and cultural practice by staff and availability of appropriate and proper supportive resources (equipment) whenever required.

Findings : Out of nine POPs, Madinaguda and Tarnaka were well managed as compared to the others while Nagole was totally mismanaged case. In Cash Management and Diagnostic Sample Management, all the POPs showed a compliance rate of more than 50%. Inpatient feedback survey, Madinaguda POP showed the maximum customer satisfaction of 80% followed by the Tarnaka POP with 74% of customer satisfaction. The patient satisfaction was 60% in Bowenpally, Mehdipatnam, Sainikpuri, and Nagole. The compliance rate of most of the POPs was low even below 50% in Human Resource Management in Bowepally, Mehdipatnam, Moosarambagh and Nagole; Order Assignment in Madhapur, Bowepally, and Moosarambagh. Inventory Management was poor in Madhapur, Bowepally, Mehdipatnam, Moosarambagh, and Sainikpurihas. Documentation was found poor in Madhapur, Mehdipatnam, Sainikpuri, and Nagole

Recommendations : Management of these two POPs were found much better than in the form of compliance. There is a need for taking appropriate measures to increase customer satisfaction and to improve overall POPs management in other seven POPs for maximum output and better efficiency.