Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Online Shopping; Offline Shopping; Dentists; Dental Products; Motivating Factors; Customer Behavior

Objective : • To identify the factors that motivate the dentist to purchase dental products offline and online in tier 1 cities. • To analyze the difference between online and offline customers (Dentist) groups in terms of age, sex, and modes of payment. • To compare online vs. offline buying behavior of dentists on different factors.

Background : The study tries to find that, how dentists in metro cities measure channels for purchasing dental products. It addresses the dentist’s value perception for using online modes of shopping versus traditional offline modes of shopping. It tries to recognize the factors that motivate the dentists to buy online and offline as well the most preferred modes to dentists use to purchase products online and offline. The study tries to find the relationship of different demographic factors with an awareness of individuals about online shopping.

Methodology : It is a descriptive quantitative cross-sectional study. Primary data was collected in the form of a closed-ended set of questionnaires that were sent through mail, messages, and face to face interaction with dentists practicing in their own clinics in Mumbai and Bangalore for a period of 2.5 months. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling. The data were analyzed using MS Excel.

Findings : With most of the dentist being aware of the online options available for shopping dental products, they still prefer purchasing products offline. Younger generation dentist is more aware of the online options. There was a relationship between awareness and different demographic factors. The reason that motivates buyers to buy online was time-saving, low cost, 24-hour access, and the searching product are easy, while for offline purchase the motivating factors were: time-saving, feel and touch of products, physically able to judge the products, etc.