Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : SATA Investigation; Turnaround Time; Laboratory

Objective : • To study the laboratory turnaround time. • To evaluate the delay of turnaround time. • To find out reasons for the delay in turnaround time. • To suggest measures to reduce the turnaround time, if possible.

Methodology : Study type: Cross-sectional and observational study. Study Area: Laboratory, Monilek Hospital & Research Centre. Sample size: 100% (383) sample size of STAT investigations except for the exclusions. Inclusion criteria 1. All the samples from OPD, IPD, and Emergency of state investigations. Exclusion criteria • Samples having abnormal results. • Rare tests which are not having standard turnaround time. • Samples which are part of master health checkups. • Oncology samples which are checked by pathologists. • Samples collected after 5:00 pm. Duration of study: 1st February 2018 to 4th May 2018 Data Collection Primary data: Direct Observation, Conversation with the Laboratory department staff Secondary data: Laboratory information system, Printed Reports of the Patients

Recommendations : The study shows that there are various reasons for the delay. Such as time is taken in the transportation of collected sample to the lab etc. Therefore, management of staff and new technology could be used to overcome these issues

Aim: To evaluate the delay and reasons for a delay in turnaround time (TAT) of STAT Investigations. Research Question 1) What is the actual turnaround time of the reports for the STAT Investigation? 2) What are the possible reasons for delays, if any