Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : HMIS; Tribal; Tribulations; Better Usage of Data

Background : Despite increasing importance being laid on the use of routine data for decision making in India, it has frequently been reported to be riddled with problems. Evidence suggests a lack of quality in the health management information system (HMIS), however, there is no robust analysis to assess the extent of its incorrectness. This study aims to bridge this gap in evidence by assessing the quality of HMIS in the Bihar state of India.

Methodology : The study was done by comparing two data sets HMIS online data and HMIS records of HSC maintained by ANM and submitted to Block Monitoring and Evaluation Officer who usually sits in PHC of the Block. The comparison was done for 11229 Health Sub-Centres in 38 districts across Bihar for 75 indicators related to Maternal and Child Health for the month of February’18

Findings : Correctness of the data was checked through misreporting and interrelating two and more indicators for the month of February. Out of 75 indicators, 49% of the indicators were over reported and no indicator found to accurately reported. These indicators were related to Ante Natal Services, Institutional Deliveries, Number of births, Family Planning, Immunization, and Infant’s death due to asphyxia and other causes.

Recommendations : Significant difference was found in terms of misreporting of the data. Quality of HMIS needs to be improved in order to make it relevant for public health program planning and research.