Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Healthcare Workers; Mediqop Management Services; Standard Precautions

Objective : A Study on the Knowledge and Practice of Standard Precautions among Healthcare Workers in Multi Super Specialty Hospital- Contamination and infections are a major issue in medical services worldwide. It constitutes the most important reason for morbidity and mortality related to clinical, diagnostic and restorative healthcare procedures and therapies. Healthcare providers are at a high risk of needlestick injuries and thus exposure to blood-borne pathogens as they go about their role within a hospital. They are thus exposed to blood-borne diseases by pathogens, such as human immunodeficiency infection (HIV), hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses, from sharp wounds and contacts with blood and other body liquids • To measure knowledge about standard precautions among healthcare workers. • To observe their practice towards standard precautions. • To identify specific areas that may need further attention in the continuing education of healthcare workers. • To provide feedback about improving safety practices

Methodology : Study design: Descriptive, Cross-sectional study Duration: February 2018 to April 2018 Type of data: Quantitative. Sample Area: Nidaan multi super specialty hospital, sonipat, Haryana. Data collection procedure: Structured, Self-administered questionnaire. Data Entry: Manually. Data Analysis: Using Bar Charts, Pie Charts in Microsoft Excel. Sample Technique: Convenience Sampling (non- probability) Sample Size: 100 (10 doctors, 60 nurses and 30 support staff)

Findings : 59% of Health care workers have good knowledge of standard precaution but 41% of health care workers don’t know about it. 69% of health care workers have a positive attitude about standard precautions but 32% have a negative attitude. Among health care workers 79% always,15% usually,4% sometimes and 2% never practice of standard precaution.