Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Real evidence data; Big data; Oncology; Digital Health; Artificial Intelligence; Market segmentation

Objective : The aim of this study is to understand personas specific to Market Research by analyzing the audience, ecosystem, and key players. Objectives: 1. To understand key players by analyzing their content interests and overall digital behavior which include their channel preferences and usage. 2. To study the digital landscape and social content strategies of a key player. 3. To understand the gaps and whitespace opportunities

Background : To penetrate the content deluge with targeted, snackable and effective content, the study of buyer’s persona and their digital touchpoints has become ever more crucial. A cruciality that contributes to the effectiveness of an organizations content strategy. A focus that enables organizational assets, platform presences, and client engagement programs to cater to the effectiveness of the organizational messaging. Edging into the buyer’s query and delivering value. This leads to the rise of a research study format - the digital ecosystem mapping which constitutes a new set of visual models expressing the findings. The results concluded from these predictive models assist and enable the modern marketers with large digital portfolios to effectively visualize and plan how to best use the digital touchpoints to support various business and marketing initiatives in catering their niche customer/buyer, effectively.

Methodology : This was secondary research; data was collected from social media channels. Data analysis tools used were Google analytics, MOZ, Buzzsumo, Google keyword tool.

Findings : Through this study, we found that our competitors are Kantar Group, IQVIA, Optum, Business one technologies, etc. They are more proactive on social media in comparison to our key opinion leaders. During the secondary research, it was observed that they were sharing relevant content strategies on social media channels and has a large number of shares and likes on their content which drives people directly to their company website. By analyzing their social behavior, we have prepared a keyword book which will help us improve our social presence.

Recommendations : This study helps us understand the overall digital system of the persona studied and helped us improved our digital and content strategies. It helped us understand our customer needs, the overall digital landscape which involved our competitor’s digital behavior and analyzes our position to improve our digital and content strategies.