Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : CIS Countries; Kazakhstan; Medical Tourism; Target Customer Group

Objective : 1. To find the Target Customer Group for Medanta services in Kazakhstan. 2. To identify the most appropriate medical services to be advertised. 3. To find the most appropriate Digital Marketing platform to reach the target customer group.

Background : Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia. It is considered to be the world's ninth biggest country by size and is more than twice the size of the other Central Asian states combined. Research Question: To formulate the Digital Marketing Strategy for attracting medical tourism from Kazakhstan

Methodology : • Study period: The study was conducted for the duration of three months from February 2018 to May 2018. • Data Collection Methods: Secondary data on Kazakhstan health profile from published reports and from the department dealing with the international patients in the hospital.

Findings : The actual health status of the country is very poor due to the unavailability of proper healthcare facilities, infrastructure, medical specialists, shortage of beds, not so advanced medical facilities. Government has initiated and is starting new schemes also to cover people’s insurance policies or schemes. The top diseases that are prevalent in the country are Coronary heart disease (21.79), Lung diseases (13.23), Stroke (10.81), Cancer (Lung, Breast, Stomach, Pancreas, Colon-Rectum, Ovary, Cervical, Prostate- 10.19). Majorly used social media platforms were facebook.com, olx.kz, vk.com the most.

Recommendations : People of age group 25-54 should be targeted since most of the Coronary Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Stroke, and Cancer are prevalent amongst the people of this age group. Most appropriate medical services to be advertised are Coronary Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Stroke, Cancer. Appropriate Digital Marketing platform to reach target customer group should include local Language- Kazakh, and social media platforms like facebook.com, olx.kz, vk.com, Medium- targeted ads in the left sidebar, sponsored post in news feed, paid post in groups and fan pages.