Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Operation theatre; Turnaround time; OT Capacity; Indian Spinal Injury Centre

Objective : The study aims to know the turnaround time in orthopedic and spine surgeries at the OT at Indian Spinal Injury Centre. The study was to identify the factors responsible for delay in OT turnaround time and to make suggestions to improve OT turnaround time.

Background : Hospital leadership recognized the potential for improvement, particularly the opportunity to increase the existing OT capacity, thus enabling surgeons to schedule more surgical cases. In order to realize this longer-term goal, turnaround time was being targeted for improvement. Improving the turnaround time can result in significant savings in addition to creating needed OT capacity

Methodology : Observational Study/Descriptive study would be done over a period in OT at Indian Spinal Injury Centre where data of 61 orthopedic and spine surgeries would be studied. The data would be collected using observation and OT register. The data would be tabulated and analyzed using Microsoft Excel.

Findings : Analysis of the data depicted that there is a scope of improvement in the TAT in OT at Indian Spinal Injury Centre as it was more than the industry benchmark. A net one-hour time can be reduced for each surgery in each operation theatre by proper utilization of the induction room for inducing the patient.